Meteorologia: tempo para matar

©️Alípio Padilha

Seen at Espaço Alkantara, Lisbon, on the 9th of October 2022

4 stars – lyrical hybrid

A feminine body starts moving on stage. In the initial dimmed lights, she seamlessly acquires zoomorphic traits. Vitória Teles Grilo offers the audience a rare present: she allows access to the shapes and qualities of her conscious and unconscious imagination.

Through a stunning control of technique, the performer embodies animals, myth-like figures, or characters she invented or dreamed of. The absence of a recognisable and consequent narrative shifts the focus on a different, oneiric kind of logic, on top of the aesthetic quality of the images. Music works as a counterpart. It is produced and played live by Aurélien Lino, whose expert composition contributes to creating atmospheres and providing the performance with a more subtle kind of structure.

Further into the performance, questions are fed with another kind of language, despite direct answers always being avoided. Spoken word and the articulation of the voice would tend to humanize the performer back, but she bends them to her transforming body. Under the spectators’ eyes moves a lyrical hybrid, delivering hints of their multi-facetted being.

Meteorologia: tempo para matar has been presented in the fourth edition of the Biennial Performative Arts Meeting – (Re)union 2022, organized by the non-profit cultural association Rede More. Vitória Teles Grilo is among the members of this association and has worked with them since its foundation in 2020. Among the projects developed by Rede More, they count the publication of the book My background is now: Memórias e processos de uma formação em dança contemporânea.

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