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  • Betún

    5 heart-wrenching magic Betún is a child who lives in the street. Like 100 million other children, in the streets he meets adult people. Unlike 100 million other children, his story is sublimated into poetry.

  • Un Carnevale per Sole e Baleno

    4 Stars – Dream-like, politic storytelling If you were to dress up like the most meaningful dream you dreamed in the last year, what would you wear? Sole is a cricket and Baleno a pig. In a beautifully poetic atmosphere, the tragic story of two anarchists who stood against TAV* is first evoked, then thoroughly…

  • The Evolución Humana

    4 Stars – Holy (and unholy) s… From the beginning, scenography and props remind the spectator of the unifying traits that all humanity shares: a WC and some piles of faeces. From the start, a devil introduces a rooted satiric mode on society classes, and the weight they had in history.

  • Resti umani

    In a dystopic future, social life is organized holding freedom as the highest of values, until there can be no community anymore. There are no impositions, no laws, and no rights, and each person becomes president of a State of their own.

  • All you can be(t)

    4 Stars – To get lost, laugh, and mourn at a rhythm An original and contemporary comedy that adheres to reality in the way it feels like a labyrinth. It feels knowable but may not be, it consists of bright areas of fun and enjoyment as well as dim corners where conflicts and sorrows are…

  • Casa com árvores dentro

    4 stars – explosive meteors A reassembled family, a ‘home’ that has been put together on the wrong premises. Four children and teenagers, one adult caretaker. In this smothering space, characters are meteors crashing into each other and then trying to avoid destruction, in the varied constellations that prejudices, accusations, recriminations, and pressures can give…

  • Of the Nightingale I Envy the Fate

    4 stars – ongoing metamorphosis A carpet extends from a shooting set. White; still, it can’t but remind of the red one Agamemnon stepped on, prepared for him by Clytemnestra, together with her deadly plans. Behind him walked Cassandra, foreseeing the fate that was going to unjustly involve her, too.


    4 stars – urgent storytelling MDLSX is a complex construction, a mix of techniques, stories, and themes. Silvia Calderoni performs a long monologue, which seems largely autobiographical, about gender and intersexuality. She dialogues with videos and music, holding a phone camera in front of herself, to which she speaks her lines.

  • BROS

    5 stars – the beauties and violence of Western culture Complicated machines, whose eyes spy on us, whose movements sound like automatic weapons, tick and slowly spin. An old, white-cloaked man, or a prophet (Valer Dellakeza), recites excerpts of Jeremy’s Book in a language with Latin roots. Then come the policemen, their black, US-looking uniforms,…

  • The Dancing Public

    5 stars – praise of the doomed body What happens when the body wants to dance itself free and cannot be stopped? Possibly, as the aftermath of a natural disaster, a famine or a pandemic. Some said it’s the devil’s work, other said it’s a neurological problem. There might be a higher stake.

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