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  • Casa com árvores dentro

    4 stars – explosive meteors A reassembled family, a ‘home’ that has been put together on the wrong premises. Four children and teenagers, one adult caretaker. In this smothering space, characters are meteors crashing into each other and then trying to avoid destruction, in the varied constellations that prejudices, accusations, recriminations, and pressures can give…

  • Of the Nightingale I Envy the Fate

    4 stars – ongoing metamorphosis A carpet extends from a shooting set. White; still, it can’t but remind of the red one Agamemnon stepped on, prepared for him by Clytemnestra, together with her deadly plans. Behind him walked Cassandra, foreseeing the fate that was going to unjustly involve her, too.


    4 stars – urgent storytelling MDLSX is a complex construction, a mix of techniques, stories, and themes. Silvia Calderoni performs a long monologue, which seems largely autobiographical, about gender and intersexuality. She dialogues with videos and music, holding a phone camera in front of herself, to which she speaks her lines.

  • BROS

    5 stars – the beauties and violence of Western culture Complicated machines, whose eyes spy on us, whose movements sound like automatic weapons, tick and slowly spin. An old, white-cloaked man, or a prophet (Valer Dellakeza), recites excerpts of Jeremy’s Book in a language with Latin roots. Then come the policemen, their black, US-looking uniforms,…

  • The Dancing Public

    5 stars – praise of the doomed body What happens when the body wants to dance itself free and cannot be stopped? Possibly, as the aftermath of a natural disaster, a famine or a pandemic. Some said it’s the devil’s work, other said it’s a neurological problem. There might be a higher stake.

  • Manfred

    3 stars – flashing recitation Lights are dimmed and burning incense spreads its scent through the steamy air. A table which is an altar, as well as a DJ set. Lines of Lord Byron’s poem grow into threats of damnation….

  • Il Mangiautore

    3 stars – an entertaining experiment It has to be clear: this is an experiment, or a historical reconstruction of an event out of time. Under such premises, Alessandro Burbank starts his solo show and establishes a peculiar relationship with the audience, who has decisional power on the development of action on stage.

  • Meteorologia: tempo para matar

    4 stars – lyrical hybrid A feminine body starts moving on stage. In the initial dimmed lights, she seamlessly acquires zoomorphic traits. Vitória Teles Grilo offers the audience a rare present: she allows access to the shapes and qualities of her conscious and unconscious imagination.

  • Triple Bypass

    Three Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life 3 Stars – Timely and absolute An old, guilty man is confronted by someone in what looks like his Judgment Day. Two singers meet at the gates of next life and share their feelings. A bee advises a spider not to date a black…

  • Guide to Surviving Masculinist Territory

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 11th of August 2022 4 stars – feminist promenade A girl who likes strolling in the area surrounding her own house. An accurate account of the incels phenomenon. The girl has to interrupt her walking routine. Mass shootings and incels’ internet legacy. She starts taking walks again, clenching…

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