Category: Theatre

  • Utter Mess!

    5 stars – playful and insightful mix What do clowns do when the director is not there? It starts like this, with spontaneous freedom, and it escalates to a play that breaks most rules of performance genres. With lightness and bliss, it explores the possibilities of the stage, as well as those of human relations.

  • Manic Street Creature

    Ria has a new life in front of her: moving to London, making music, starting anew. Meeting Daniel is part of the fun, their dating unexpectedly growing into a relationship. Despite his nightmares, despite his restlessness and his hardly comprehensible reactions, Ria falls in love with him.

  • Borborygmus

    5 stars – transmogrifying Lebanon Borborygmus is composition and destruction. It is noise. It is a living stage where objects transmogrify and people, sometimes, forget.

  • Schwanengesang D744

    Visto al Teatro Astra di Torino il 31 ottobre 2021 La scelta di un tema e di un titolo “classico” (in riferimento a moduli performativi consolidati) non è inusuale per le pièce di Romeo Castellucci. Quello che sorprende, è che anche la messa in scena di Schwanengesang D744 (“Il canto del cigno”) appaia inizialmente tradizionale. […]

  • Sugar

    An all-round monologue (waiting for the fourth star) What if the president of the United States was a stripper? This is how Mae is: provocative, straightforward, and energetic. Her monologue is a collage of stories and gags from her childhood and adolescence.

  • We Dig

    4 stars – destructive power Loud noise, sweat and dust. For a performance that breaks the rules, breaks every boundary, and literally tears down the theatre. The stage exists no more, in its place, soil, and a hole, bigger and bigger as it is dug out.

  • Goliath in the water

    4 stars – Sweet magic A woman and two men dance in a suspended atmosphere. They find a hundred ways of swimming without water. They get close to the art of miming to tell their story of life and loss.

  • Everything I see I swallow

    4 stars – ʻBoundʼ to be critical A young woman, almost naked, hangs from the ceiling – the rope like lace draws diamonds around her chest and her leg.

  • Hearty

    5 stars – Trans-power Iron wings with knives instead of feathers, and a long straight light-pink tale. This is the creature who moves on scene, this is the creature who fights for existing.

  • Unicorns, Almost

    4 stars – Sepia poetry Three weeks gone and the combatants gone returning over the nightmare ground we found the place again, and found the soldier sprawling in the sun