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  • The Wild Unfeeling World

    5 stars –storytelling of a quest On stage, everything bears meaning. In the real world, it doesn’t. Humans have a tendency to extend the search for meaning to the hazard and randomness of events, be it to feel in control, or as a defence mechanism.

  • Sugar

    4 stars – highly entertaining and insightful When you see a play twice, you become more critical. You are more aware of the technical aspects, and the plot is no longer a surprise, nor the wits are. This evening, Mabel Thomas’s Sugar was more entertaining than last year.

  • Giving up the Ghost

    2 stars – Celebration of friendship Jack is tormented by the mourning of his best friend Michael. He hallucinates about the whistle of the train who killed him, when Michael reappears in flesh and bones, but visible to him alone.

  • Blink and you’ll miss it

    3 stars – emotional comedy Not so many men are as lucky as to get to speak the most handsome man at a party, and if it happens, make sure it’s towards the very end, when your friends want to leave. It might become your husband, eventually.

  • Illegally Funny

    4 stars – ocean-broad hilarity Is racism weirder in the US, in the UK, in Malta or in Romania, from the eyes of an Indian Californian (illegally) living in Great Britain? Sid Singh is a professional stand-up comedian, a human rights lawyer, and… an idiot (his word, not mine!).

  • Utter Mess!

    5 stars – playful and insightful mix What do clowns do when the director is not there? It starts like this, with spontaneous freedom, and it escalates to a play that breaks most rules of performance genres. With lightness and bliss, it explores the possibilities of the stage, as well as those of human relations.

  • Manic Street Creature

    Ria has a new life in front of her: moving to London, making music, starting anew. Meeting Daniel is part of the fun, their dating unexpectedly growing into a relationship. Despite his nightmares, despite his restlessness and his hardly comprehensible reactions, Ria falls in love with him.

  • Borborygmus

    5 stars – transmogrifying Lebanon Borborygmus is composition and destruction. It is noise. It is a living stage where objects transmogrify and people, sometimes, forget.

  • Schwanengesang D744

    Visto al Teatro Astra di Torino il 31 ottobre 2021 La scelta di un tema e di un titolo “classico” (in riferimento a moduli performativi consolidati) non è inusuale per le pièce di Romeo Castellucci. Quello che sorprende, è che anche la messa in scena di Schwanengesang D744 (“Il canto del cigno”) appaia inizialmente tradizionale.…

  • Sugar

    An all-round monologue (waiting for the fourth star) What if the president of the United States was a stripper? This is how Mae is: provocative, straightforward, and energetic. Her monologue is a collage of stories and gags from her childhood and adolescence.

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