Category: Theatre

  • Taboo

    Most people ignore who Käthe Petersen was – who she really was. Even her Wikipedia page is extremely synthetic, and not exhaustive at all. In Taboo, a fictional talk show where it is talked about ʻthings nobody wants to talk aboutʼ, we discover the darkest sides of this acclaimed personality.

  • Floating Flowers

    5 stars – Aerial blossoming If flying lanterns were floating flowers and floating flowers were humans, how would they dance? Inspired by a Taiwan’s Buddhist ceremony, this performance is a mesmerising encounter between ritual tradition and contemporary dance.

  • From the Top

    4 stars – Skilled and ironic Dance that is power, in every sense. In From the Top, this is very clear: power is in the precise movements of the dancers, power is what is contended between the two of them, power is what the choreographer, ultimately, has a hold on.

  • Looping: Scotland Overdub

    3 stars – Interesting experience Looping: Scotland Overdub brings audience participation to the next level. It is the dance of a community, between tradition and innovation. An impacting performance with a strong political message.

  • The Perfect Body

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 20th August 2019 4 stars – smart, catching, ironic Food, food, food! Food is the key. Everybody wants to have a perfect body, isn’t it? The protagonist of this one-woman show certainly does… no junk food, no coke and such drinks, the basis. (Spoiler alert: irony in use […]

  • Gone Full Havisham

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 20th August 2019 5 stars – Dramatic intensity A young Miss Havisham: orphan, cultured, about to get married… Emily’s normal life is suspended; she disappears, and her story becomes the one she tells through social media. She talks to her followers still keeping on her wedding dress, which […]

  • [Untitled project] #231

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 15th August 2019 4 stars – magic Why has the French clown (Steve Pacek) stopped talking? A man (Davy Raphaely) tries to ask him in English, but this complicated everything. Five other clowns appear now and then to tell his playful yet moving story. Despite being mostly physical, […]

  • Seeking Unicorns

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 15th August 2019 4 stars – alternative communication At the corner of the stage lays a woman. A white-dressed creature, she is crouched in a prone position. Her first movements are slow and shy, only later does she reveal more of herself. Gradually we start reading the proportions […]

  • The Trial

    5 stars – outstanding A one-woman show of incredible power and beauty. A letter arrives to Agreste, a rural Brazilian village, and it is signed Tieta. Not everybody wants to remember her – she has left Brazil as Antonio many years ago.

  • Medea on the Road

    5 stars – Stunning experience Seen on the 22nd June 2019 Itinerant performance. Meeting point: opposite Teatro Astra A show of the ʻFestival delle Colline Torinesiʼ Medea per Strada is a play that brings us – literally – where action takes place. We get in a small van and Medea (Elena Cotugno) is the chatty […]