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  • Of the Nightingale I Envy the Fate

    4 stars – ongoing metamorphosis A carpet extends from a shooting set. White; still, it can’t but remind of the red one Agamemnon stepped on, prepared for him by Clytemnestra, together with her deadly plans. Behind him walked Cassandra, foreseeing the fate that was going to unjustly involve her, too.

  • The Dancing Public

    5 stars – praise of the doomed body What happens when the body wants to dance itself free and cannot be stopped? Possibly, as the aftermath of a natural disaster, a famine or a pandemic. Some said it’s the devil’s work, other said it’s a neurological problem. There might be a higher stake.

  • Meteorologia: tempo para matar

    4 stars – lyrical hybrid A feminine body starts moving on stage. In the initial dimmed lights, she seamlessly acquires zoomorphic traits. Vitória Teles Grilo offers the audience a rare present: she allows access to the shapes and qualities of her conscious and unconscious imagination.

  • Floating Flowers

    5 stars – Aerial blossoming If flying lanterns were floating flowers and floating flowers were humans, how would they dance? Inspired by a Taiwan’s Buddhist ceremony, this performance is a mesmerising encounter between ritual tradition and contemporary dance.

  • From the Top

    4 stars – Skilled and ironic Dance that is power, in every sense. In From the Top, this is very clear: power is in the precise movements of the dancers, power is what is contended between the two of them, power is what the choreographer, ultimately, has a hold on.

  • Looping: Scotland Overdub

    3 stars – Interesting experience Looping: Scotland Overdub brings audience participation to the next level. It is the dance of a community, between tradition and innovation. An impacting performance with a strong political message.

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