Triple Bypass

Three Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life

Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 11th of August, 2022

3 Stars – Timely and absolute

An old, guilty man is confronted by someone in what looks like his Judgment Day. Two singers meet at the gates of next life and share their feelings. A bee advises a spider not to date a black widow…

The three short original plays raise important questions of morality and guilt, the joys and evils of the music industry, and a reflection on nature and the possibility of the meaning of moral in a non-human context. Writer and producer Deena MP Ronayne has been delivered prizes for her work.

The performance by Sean Hay, Alex Stewart, and Amy Conway is convincing. Only the times between the scenes are too long and risk breaking the tension of the show. The simple but highly effective scenography provides the setting for each scene and completes it in a somewhat abstract, but very meaningful way.

Bringing these scenes on stage demonstrates an engagement which is both timely and absolute, as they relate to human existence and its grounding questions. There is no moral lesson to be learned, but the question and the provocation are on the table. This adds to the value of the show, which is definitely worth seeing. 

7-13, 15-20, 22-27 August; 4.00 pm

Running time: 45 minutes

Venue 39: TheSpace on the Mile – Space 1

Tickets and Info:

Company Website:




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