Un Carnevale per Sole e Baleno


Seen at Torino Fringe Festival on the 21st of May 2023

4 Stars – Dream-like, politic storytelling

If you were to dress up like the most meaningful dream you dreamed in the last year, what would you wear? Sole is a cricket and Baleno a pig. In a beautifully poetic atmosphere, the tragic story of two anarchists who stood against TAV* is first evoked, then thoroughly told.

The show is divided in two parts. In the first, Sole (Laura Pozone) and Baleno (Simone Faloppa) get ready for Carnaval celebrations, but end up playfully talking about dreams, life, and about themselves. As the play shifts into storytelling, a net of signs and symbols is gradually woven. Meaning seems to swing through the layers of the story, while becoming more and more solid. Beautiful light design by Alessandro Bigatti and masks by Andrea Cavarra contribute to this fairy-tale atmosphere.

Marco Gobetti’s text is an insight into the true story of Maria Soledad Rosas (whose nickname was Sole) e Edoardo Massari (Baleno), who were held responsible for exploding bombs in the valley of Susa and imprisoned in 1998. They died before they could be found to be innocent. The show, produced by Aparte Ali per l’arte in collaboration with Lo Stagno di Goethe, stresses a feeling of oral tradition and poetic reminiscence. In this nicely built play, the stories of individuals rise to gain weight and significance, where their strong, critical message emerges naturally.

16th-21st of May; 21.00 pm

Running time: 80 minutes

Venue: San Pietro in Vincoli Zona Teatro, Via San Pietro in Vincoli, 28, Torino

Tickets and Info: https://www.tofringe.it/eventi-23/un-carnevale-per-sole-e-baleno/

Company Website: http://www.aparte.it/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lostagnodigoethe_ets/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/apartealixlarte

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apartealixlarte/?fref=ts

*For the readers who are not familiar with this matter, I will try and give a willingly generic definition. The acronym TAV stands for Treno ad Alta Velocità (high speed train), the huge construction project of the infrastructure for the fast train line connecting Turin to Lyon, crossing the valley of Susa on the Italian side. The project was started in the 90s, and protests against TAV have been ongoing until the present day, periodically reaching peaks of violence. Protesters mainly stress the environmental impact on the valley, the economic damage for the region and the probability that the improvements will not outweigh the investment, and geological risks linked to the presence of asbestos and uranium on the territory and to the necessity of managing the presence of groundwaters on the line designed for the infrastructure.

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