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  • Un Carnevale per Sole e Baleno

    4 Stars – Dream-like, politic storytelling If you were to dress up like the most meaningful dream you dreamed in the last year, what would you wear? Sole is a cricket and Baleno a pig. In a beautifully poetic atmosphere, the tragic story of two anarchists who stood against TAV* is first evoked, then thoroughly…


    4 stars – urgent storytelling MDLSX is a complex construction, a mix of techniques, stories, and themes. Silvia Calderoni performs a long monologue, which seems largely autobiographical, about gender and intersexuality. She dialogues with videos and music, holding a phone camera in front of herself, to which she speaks her lines.

  • The Dancing Public

    5 stars – praise of the doomed body What happens when the body wants to dance itself free and cannot be stopped? Possibly, as the aftermath of a natural disaster, a famine or a pandemic. Some said it’s the devil’s work, other said it’s a neurological problem. There might be a higher stake.

  • Il Mangiautore

    3 stars – an entertaining experiment It has to be clear: this is an experiment, or a historical reconstruction of an event out of time. Under such premises, Alessandro Burbank starts his solo show and establishes a peculiar relationship with the audience, who has decisional power on the development of action on stage.

  • Guide to Surviving Masculinist Territory

    Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 11th of August 2022 4 stars – feminist promenade A girl who likes strolling in the area surrounding her own house. An accurate account of the incels phenomenon. The girl has to interrupt her walking routine. Mass shootings and incels’ internet legacy. She starts taking walks again, clenching…

  • A Place That Belongs to Monsters

    4 stars – powerful fresco Famine, fire, war, and death. They are in the Bible, represented by the four Horsemen of Apocalipsis. They are, also, in a more literal form, in the suburbs of big cities. Four women of different ages track a geography of Bracknell on the last school day before summer holidays.

  • The Wild Unfeeling World

    5 stars –storytelling of a quest On stage, everything bears meaning. In the real world, it doesn’t. Humans have a tendency to extend the search for meaning to the hazard and randomness of events, be it to feel in control, or as a defence mechanism.

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