Giving up the Ghost

Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 8th of August 2022

2,5 stars – Celebration of friendship

Jack is tormented by the mourning of his best friend Michael. He hallucinates about the whistle of the train who killed him, when Michael reappears in flesh and bones, but visible to him alone.

Taking advantage of the situation, the two friends decide to complete a bucket list of things they want to do together, before Michael might be gone again. Gags and hilarious moments almost make everyone forget about the tragedy, with some highly entertaining scenes.

Jack (James Wilson) and Michael (George Brown) give life to a story where the energy and carelessness of young men has to face premature death. Not only are the characters looking for thrilling experiences, but they also undertake an inner journey to learn to deal with grief and guilt.

James Wilson’s skills as an actor are evident and the playwright works seamlessly, but lots of inaccuracies in the performance and in the staging sadly make the technical niveau lower. Despite the performance not being devoid of flaws, those mostly don’t compromise the show’s pleasantness.

5th-13th August; 1.45 pm

Running time: 50 minutes

Venue 236: Greenside @Infirmary Street – Ivy Studio

Tickets and Info:



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