Blink and you’ll miss it

Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 7th of August 2022

3 stars – emotional comedy

Not so many men are as lucky as to speak to the most handsome man at the party, and if it happens, make sure it’s towards the very end, when your friends want to leave. He might become your husband, eventually.

Terry Geo relates of funny castings and a growing performing career. For the most part, though, he reconstructs his relationship with Akida, his support and his source of energy and joy. Episodes of homophobia and racism hit the couple in spite of – and sometimes because of – the actor’s fame. These topics, along with HIV and LGBTQIA+ rights, are faced with great sensitivity and engagement.

There is balance in this cleverly written play, and plenty of amusing moments, sided by serious ones. This ambitious piece starts as a stand-up comedy, to then turn into a dramatic monologue, and then into a one-men romantic comedy.

While some more polish would have been of advantage, Terry Geo’s original play is able to tackle social issues, entertain, amuse, and move, in less than one hour’s time.

Aug 8-13; 3.00 pm

Running time: 55 minutes

Venue 53: The Space @Symposium Hall

Tickets and Info:



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