The Trial

Seen at Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the 13th August 2019

5 stars – outstanding

A one-woman show of incredible power and beauty.

A letter arrives to Agreste, a rural Brazilian village, and it is signed Tieta. Not everybody wants to remember her – she has left Brazil as Antonio many years ago. In the UK, she has become very rich and she starts sending money to her family in Agreste, granting the wellbeing of the place where she was born, laughed at, insulted, hit and raped.

Justice is claimed, but where does it lay? The spectators are called to be active protagonists of the most unusual trial you have ever seen. Because you cannot just sit and listen – because indifference is a crime.

Inês Sampaio has a great ability to involve her public and make it have fun. With an accordion, a tambourine, bongos, a loop pedal, and her powerful voice she creates magic and enchantment to tell this queer story, written by Franko Figueiredo and directed by him and Almiro Andrade, a StoneCrab Theatre production.

It is a story about identity, about LGBTQI+ community, during which the spectators are let free and encouraged to speak their mind. As she becomes several, hilarious characters, Inês brings us some sparks of Brazil’s beauty and a delicate, funny story.

Facebook: StoneCrab Theatre

Greenside @Infirmary (Venue 236); 6 Infirmary street, EH1 1LT

2-17 August 2019, 3 pm

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