Category: Stand-up Comedy

  • Il Mangiautore

    3 stars – an entertaining experiment It has to be clear: this is an experiment, or a historical reconstruction of an event out of time. Under such premises, Alessandro Burbank starts his solo show and establishes a peculiar relationship with the audience, who has decisional power on the development of action on stage.

  • God Damn Fancy Man

    4 stars – God damn honest James Nokise runs a brilliant and honest stand-up comedy. He is a kiwi and ironises about the perception of his New Zeland-Samoan identity abroad (and related episodes of racism). He loves making fun of his preacher father and has some very funny story about ‘f*cking’ Donald Trump.

  • Illegally Funny

    4 stars – ocean-broad hilarity Is racism weirder in the US, in the UK, in Malta or in Romania, from the eyes of an Indian Californian (illegally) living in Great Britain? Sid Singh is a professional stand-up comedian, a human rights lawyer, and… an idiot (his word, not mine!).

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